Rabu, 03 Februari 2010



Computed Tomography Scanner ( CT-SCAN) is first time utilized by a medical area as a means of assist for diagnosa of body of human being that is see organ of inner body without having to experience surgical operation or operate for. Because growth in its use, CT-SCAN can also utilized for other;dissimilar area. At LEMIGAS, CT-SCAN of application to see interior follow the example of rock from various oilwell in Indonesia .

Laboratory of CT-SCAN last some years experience of descending an earnings , so that side management think the importance of handling this problem through a planning of correct strategy in order to the loss do not opportunity and cutomer/ client loss.

This research do analysis of buy of machine CT-SCAN, , analyse technology life cycle, analyse forecasting of request and also Annual Cost Saving Approach and Total Life Average Approach. Target of Research make planning of strategy giving best solution and also can become guidance process operational of laboratory of CT-SCAN forwards and also get result of analysis scientifically to be delivered to party of management can become study and opinion in strategy of next year.

Earnings degradation happened because attending new competitor in this business, where one of cutomer become competitor boughtly is new machine technologically newest and the new laboratory, for that the company have to make new strategy so that the earnings is not non-stoped downhill and the lossy company or even go broke.

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